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Space Facts Marathon Had Me Glued to My Telescope All Night
Publish: 17/05/2024 20:34:03
Animation is created by Bright Side. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Music from TheSoul Sound: ...
Raiders GM Telesco: We 'didn't think the odds were that high' of Falcons drafting Penix Jr.
Publish: 13/05/2024 14:40:00
Raiders GM Telesco: We 'didn't think the odds were that high' of Falcons drafting Penix Jr. | 'NFL Total Access' Watch live local ...
tasteless toxic waste
Publish: 12/05/2024 01:53:00
tasteless toxic waste.
China Completes Construction of Space Weather Telescope
Publish: 10/05/2024 19:55:43
China completed the construction of its first interplanetary scintillation observation telescope -- a device used for studying space ...
The Clearest Picture of Proxima B That the James Webb Telescope Has Released Is Here!
Publish: 09/05/2024 16:00:19
Is the exoplanet Proxima Centauri b Earth 2.0? Since its discovery, the celestial body has been suspected of hiding an intriguing ...
Neden Atacama Çölüne Teleskop Kuruluyor? #bilim #uzay
Publish: 06/05/2024 15:00:00
Dünyanın en büyük teleskobunun Atacama Çölü'nde kurulmasının sebebi nedir? #teleskop #atacama.
Dos cárteles controlan la tala ilegal en la CDMX #EnPortada
Publish: 06/05/2024 12:00:31
La Secretaría de Seguridad Ciudadana identifica a las organizaciones criminales Cártel de Tláhuac y Don Agus como las que ...
???????????? ¿Cuánto Territorio Controlan los Cárteles Mexicanos? ❌
Publish: 01/05/2024 17:13:38
En el prolongado conflicto entre México y los cárteles, surge una pregunta inquietante… ¿Qué porcentaje del territorio mexicano ...
The James Webb Telescope Just Found Something That CHANGES Our Knowledge Of LIFE!
Publish: 30/04/2024 19:56:01
The James Webb Telescope Just Found Something That CHANGES Our Knowledge Of LIFE! The James Webb Space Telescope, ...
James Webb Telescope Just Observed City Lights 7 Trillions Miles Away!
Publish: 27/04/2024 22:56:00
James Webb Telescope Just Observed City Lights 7 Trillions Miles Away! An unexpected discovery made by the James Webb ...
26 prill 2024, “Telefonatat e Teleshikuesve” – Mirëmëngjes me Bashkim Hoxhën | ABC News Albania
Publish: 26/04/2024 08:47:33
Pasqyra e shtypit të ditës, vjen nga e hëna në të premte në ekranin e ABC News nga gazetari i njohur Bashkim Hoxha.
Uzay merakıyla kendi teleskobunu yaptı
Publish: 24/04/2024 12:00:10
Bursa'da yaşayan emekli öğretmen Atilla Tınkılıç'ın uzay merakı çocukluğunda başladı. Din Kültürü öğretmeni olan Tınkılıç, ...
Telescopio gigante de China detecta más de 900 nuevos púlsares
Publish: 24/04/2024 02:30:15
El radiotelescopio esférico de apertura de 500 metros (FAST) de China, el radiotelescopio de un solo plato más grande del ...
Capturing the #pinkmoon with our Hestia Telescope #todayinspace #astrophotography #space #fullmoon
Publish: 24/04/2024 02:17:23
fullmoon #pinkmoon #butnotreally still fun tho! Taken with my #iphone13pro paired with @vaonis Hestia* #telescope (*not ...
Dünyanın En Büyük Teleskobu #bilim #uzay #teknoloji
Publish: 15/04/2024 14:28:47
Videonun tamamını kanalımda izleyebilirsiniz.
Dünyanın En Büyük Teleskobu ELT Yakında Göreve Başlıyor
Publish: 14/04/2024 06:30:18
Avrupa Güney Gözlemevi ESO tarafından inşa edilen, dünyanın en büyük ve en güçlü optik teleskobu "Extremely Large ...
Telescope and Microscope Set 2014
Publish: 13/04/2024 05:37:15
Memories #originalfamilyproductions #famoustiktokdad #singledadlife.
Total Solar Eclipse | Totality, the best seat in the Solar System | Vespera & Hestia Telescopes
Publish: 11/04/2024 03:17:40
On Monday I was lucky enough to be in Maine with clear skies and a Total Solar Eclipse. I brought my two telescopes, Vespera ...
Capturing Totality in Maine #totalsolareclipse with Hestia Telescope ​⁠@vaonisdotcom
Publish: 08/04/2024 23:35:42
Total. Solar. Eclipse. This video only captures a mere portion of how grand and awesome this was. We had front row seats to the ...
Live: Solar eclipse from Nasa telescope
Publish: 08/04/2024 16:22:28
Watch live as NASA telescope only feed of total solar eclipse as it moves across Mexico, the United States, and Canada.
Hestia Telescope from Vaonis | Unboxing and Total Solar Eclipse testing
Publish: 07/04/2024 02:00:07
In preparation for the North American Total Solar Eclipse happening on April 8th, 2024 - we are excited to try out our new ...
Total Solar Eclipse 2024 | What to Expect & How to Watch | Vespera & Hestia Telescopes at the ready
Publish: 02/04/2024 11:00:07
On this episode we talk about the North American Total Solar Eclipse happening on April 8th, 2024! We break it down into three ...
Pembahasan OSNK Astronomi 2023, no 33 - Teleskop Matahari
Publish: 26/03/2024 05:00:09
OSNKastro2023 #OlimAstro Apa bedanya teleskop matahari dengan teleskop lain?
Pembahasan OSNK Astronomi 2023, no 29 - Space Telescope
Publish: 25/03/2024 23:30:12
OSNKastro2023 #OlimAstro kenapa perlu repot-repot bikin teleskop luar angkasa? mana biayanya besar bgt lagi ...
NASA's Kepler Telescope Discovered A New Exoplanet Even Better for Life Than Earth
Publish: 23/03/2024 18:00:02
NASA's Kepler Telescope Discovered A New Exoplanet Even Better for Life Than Earth ▻ Subscribe: https://goo.gl/r5jd1F Over its ...
7 MINUTES AGO: James Webb Telescope’s Deep-Field Image with Flamingo Shakes up Our Physics
Publish: 17/03/2024 23:00:18
After two years of operation, the James Webb Space Telescope has revealed anomalies that contradict established cosmological ...
How Real Are The James Webb Space Telescope Images?
Publish: 12/03/2024 20:58:42
What does space really look like to the naked eye? Neil deGrasse Tyson and comedian Chuck Nice break down what space looks ...
Neil deGrasse Tyson: "Webb Telescope Saw Black holes Of Previous Universe created Our Universe"
Publish: 07/03/2024 23:00:05
The James Webb Space Telescope has spotted giant black holes all over the early universe. The astronomical community is in a ...
SOFIA: The flying telescope ????????✈️
Publish: 04/03/2024 18:26:24
Even though land-based and space telescopes take all the credit for the most remarkable astronomical discoveries, there is ...
Thoughts On A Galaxy Far, Far Away | Telescopes, Florida, And The Scale Of The Universe AUDIO
Publish: 03/03/2024 21:30:08
In this week's episode, Alex shares some of his Florida vacation and the 'magic' of branding and storytelling at both Disney and ...
James Webb Space Telescope in 3Dprinted Multicolor: GoldenEye Surprise
Publish: 19/02/2024 00:55:00
Having some fun over in our lab @ag3dprinting with our @nasawebb #3dmodel - #3dprinting in multicolor is WILD. Makes me ...
Progress Takes Time | 3Dprinted Multicolor James Webb Telescope coasters | Engineer’s Log
Publish: 13/02/2024 03:23:04
Progress is really not what most of us think it is in the modern world. Very guilty of it myself as well at times. But progress is really ...
Publish: 08/02/2024 22:15:00
Journey into the Leo Constellation: Stargazing Galaxies with our Vespera Telescope
Publish: 07/02/2024 00:52:04
Here's our latest #stargazing night after we finally had clear skies here in #newengland. We journeyed to the Leo #constellation ...
¡Remodelamos nuestra estudio de pasteles! Te compartimos todos los rincones de cómo quedó ????????
Publish: 06/02/2024 02:08:57
Hace unos días les compartimos el video corto en nuestra insta de cómo se remodeló nuestro taller Es momento de ...
Unlocking the potential of 3Dprinting | Multicolor 3Dprint Prusa i3 MK3S | James Webb Telescope
Publish: 05/02/2024 22:32:29
Using a 3dprinter feels alot like you're using primitive technology compared to Star Treks Replicator. Multi-color 3dprinting feels ...
El mayor telescopio submarino de Europa: una autopista de datos 24 horas al día
Publish: 05/02/2024 15:11:53
El coordinador científico del multilaboratorio IDMAR, el mayor telescopio submarino de Europa, nos explica cómo funciona.
El mayor telescopio submarino de Europa revela lo que realmente ocurre en el mar... y en el universo
Publish: 05/02/2024 15:06:55
En este episodio de Smart Regions, nos sumergimos en el laboratorio submarino de Sicilia que podría ayudarnos a comprender ...
Teleskop SUPER CANGGIH James Webb Berhasil Potret BLACK HOLE dan Galaksi Terjauh Ujung Alam Semesta
Publish: 03/02/2024 10:47:41
Bayangkan sebuah jendela ke alam semesta yang menawarkan pandangan lebih jauh dan lebih detail dari sebelumnya.